Pastor With No Answers: The MIXTAPE Era

361 - My Childhood Friends [the Black ones]

August 15, 2022 Joey Svendsen
Pastor With No Answers: The MIXTAPE Era
361 - My Childhood Friends [the Black ones]
Show Notes

It was late into adulthood that I (Joey) came to an understanding of my ignorance, when it came to the challenges and trials of being a black person in America.  I’ve had many kind, gracious and helpful friends who have helped steer my path into one that is more educated and sensitive towards the needs of other groups of people.    

Which left me thinking, what about my black pals from my childhood?  How different was their experiences growing up in Charleston, SC?  Come to find out, the differences in the life experiences of my friends Stoy Prioleau and Antonio "Hype" Seabrook were drastically different from mine and in some ways, the same.  

The three of us were clueless of the extent of racial tension that permeated our culture.  Even if we had knowledge of it, there was not enough interest to slow down from playing Nintendo and shooting hoops to do anything about it.  We were content with just having fun and being kids.

The differences were intriguing and in some ways, heavy.  What they joked about when the white guys weren’t present, who they assumed my dad was, and the heart-breaking stories of their dads who abandoned them, I'm sure we didn’t even scratch the surface in this conversation. 

Oh the fun of telling stories, remembering teachers and the shenanigans they put up with.  Most fun I’ve had in a while.

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