Pastor With No Answers: The MIXTAPE Era

272 - A Merry-Less Christmas, Newly Widowed

December 17, 2020 Joey Svendsen
Pastor With No Answers: The MIXTAPE Era
272 - A Merry-Less Christmas, Newly Widowed
Show Notes

Grieving During the Holidays Part II (Part one, episode 208), Liz Miller joins Joey and Pricilla to talk through her dreadful first couple of holiday seasons without her husband of 6 years.  What does that kind of suffering feel like? Liz explains that when you’re going through this sort of suffering, any future seasons of joy seem impossible. She shares some tips, including the need to offer grace in all directions.  It’s typically uncharted territory to the sufferer as well as the loved ones around them who make mistakes, even saying hurtful things out of complete ignorance and with good intentions.  Oh yeah, and don’t send Christmas cards to people like Liz.  Give it a few years, for crying out loud.  We talk about her late husband, laugh about some memories of him as we tribute to Joshua Miller and the short life him and Liz shared.  Our hearts are with those who are experiencing this sort of grief and at the very least, know you are not alone.  Team humanity, we love you, and may God be with you in your sadness.  

Practical Discussion of Grieving During the Holidays:  Episode 208

How a Widowed Mom in Her 30s Views Life and God (part 1 and 2): Episodes 21 and 22

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